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For safety reasons this is not a garment that you can buy larger to get more use/wear out of for your baby. Choose the right size for your baby. Passport Baby Size Height Actual length/Euro Size 1-3 months up to 26? 24?/60cm 3-9 months up to 30? 28?/70cm 9-24months up to 36? 36?/90cm 2-3years up to 44? 40?/110cm 3-6 years up to 56? 51?/130cm Bear in mind that the actual length of the sack is from shoulder to toe and when baby's sleep they don't sleep erect, but with their legs usually curled up a bit. Most babies will be about 10-11 months before transferring to the 9-24month size. But, this size is quite a jump from the 3-9month kindersack. The length is not as important as the fit up top around the chest and baby's head. For the 2-3yr size depending on the child this will last a baby up to 4 years! The next size 3-6 years could be called 4-8 years! It's HUGE but many baby's grow up using kindersacks and even when they transfer to their "big kids twin bed" they still use a kindersack. Kindersacks are much safer than traditional blankets in the beginning, but later on they become very practical in keeping babies warm and cozy all night long! Children are unable to kick off their covers and that means less trips to the nursery at 2 and 4am! Our babies use kindersacks too so if you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to email or call 1-800-893-WARM. Cheers!
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